Maui Construction & Demolition Debris Removal & Disposal





Commercial Customer Procedures to Bring C&D Wastes to Central Maui Landfill


Waste Size Limitations

Incoming materials shall be no larger than 4-feet in the first and second largest dimensions and 1-foot in the smallest
dimension. Concrete, boulders and rubble shall be no greater than 4-feet long in the largest dimension, 2-feet in the
second and third largest dimensions and shall be free of protruding materials.

Unacceptable Material

Petroleum Contaminated Materials Green Waste
Tires Flammable Explosives
Vehicle Parts and Fluids Toxic and Carcinogenic Materials
Appliances (White Goods) Flammable Explosives
PCBs Adhesives
Tanks and Cylinders Sealers
Liquids Asbestos (separate receiving procedures apply)
Medical Wastes Solvents
Batteries and Electronic Wastes Paints
Sealed Barrels/Drums Hazardous Waste



Maui Hauling Services offers pickup and cleanup of items and removal of junk, trash, furniture, appliances, mattresses, construction debris, green yard waste, refuse, rubbish and we deliver to the landfill or recycling centers. 

Though appliances (Frig/Oven/Washer/Dryers), batteries, electronics (TV’s/Computers), tires, propane tanks, can not be dumped in Maui landfills, we do offer disposal of these items by hauling them to the approved island factilities.