Maui Dump Runs & Junk Hauling Services


Easiest and fastest way to get a quick quote is to text photos and details to our dispatch desk of what you need hauled with the property address and we will respond with an estimate: TEXT: 808-746-2861 

JUNK ~ GREEN WASTE ~ RECYCLING ~ DELIVERY ~ COMPOST ~ GRAVEL The cost depends on what needs hauling, load size, weight, island location, where it needs to be delivered and difficulty of move. For a quick quote text a photo of what you have and where you are located and we will respond with pricing: 808-746-2861. All pickups are by appointment and we show up as scheduled! Accept Cash or Credit Cards.

BE PONO….Sometimes there are customers who request a quote for a set number of items, then when our haulers arrive the client has many more items than what we have listed.  Hauling quotes are based on load size, weight, island location, difficulty of move.  If our haulers get to your property and you have added more items then what was listed in your original quote or things are heavier or the move is more difficult than originally described then we will have to increase the hauling cost above the original estimate.  Example: If we quote $30 to haul two items and hauler gets to your location and it’s four items the fee will be $60.  ~PROFESSIONAL SERVICE WITH THE SPIRIT OF ALOHA…HAPPY HAULING & JOLLY JUNKING!